Saturday, January 3, 2009

Swirling Clouds

The clouds started gathering earlier this morning over Table Mountain but didn't last long - just a smidgen of clouds were left.

I had painted this some time ago, and this morning brought it to mind.


Dianne said...

Dear Heather,
This is a heavenly painting! I am reminded of looking out of an plane window. I love the subtle colours.
Love Dianne x x

Anonymous said...

Great cloud formations. I find clouds difficult to paint. Your painting evokes a very peaceful feeling.

benjaminlois said...

what a clouds!! i find paint clouds veru very dificult bau youcan do it!! congratulations!!

Artistic Variety with Heather Selby said...

Hello Dianne. Heather here - thank you so much.

Thank you Jean - watercolours can be so rewarding when they work, as you know from your own experiences.

Benjaminlois thank you for visiting. I have left a comment on your blog - your comments on mind are greatly appreciated.