Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bushfire, Baobab, Karoo

Part of the African experience is painting scenes from the country. The Karoo is a wonderful place to paint and has been the inspiration for many artists. The wonderful baobab (or upside down tree) is a magnificent site in the veld, but nothing is quite as breathtaking and frightening as a bushfire

Mountain Fires, Cable Car

Living in the lee of Table Mountain gives me great inspiration, and although the raging fires seen in the past few years have been quite deadly, they are awe-inspiring. A different view of the cable car was a must to paint.

Wimbledon 940x620mm

The vibrancy and excitement of the Wimbledon event has always appealed to me

Richmond Park, 300x220mm

One of my earlier paintings, Richmond Park in Winter presents a misty feel which is ideal for painting.